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Every week we recap the best Social News Posts on SUJO that highlight disinformation, deception, fake news, or news about how we're dealing with it all.  It's the best of what's fake on SUJO. Happy #FakeNewsFriday!

The Election, The Chop, and Fake People

Organizing and targeting through technology was hailed as a major contributing factor to Obama's success at the polls. But just as social media had veered from it's original intention of creating positive connections between people, the tactics that were employed so successfully during the Obama elections taught foreign actors to use these new channels to sow discord and division. The most disturbing part of foreign disinformation campaigns is how easily and efficiently they can be replicated. Now domestic bad actors and political campaigns can easily replicate these tactics themselves while social platforms struggle to keep up with the deluge of election interference from all fronts in elections across the globe. Can social networks keep up with disinformation campaigns on their platforms from The U.S. to Myanmar? As private companies, do they even have a obligation to do so?

Sometimes it's people and publications we know who knowingly or unwittingly distributed false information. Elle Magazine intentionally posted fake news to get people to vote. The wife of Justice Clarence Thomas shared a years-old photo that she said happened when the migrant caravan met Mexican police at their Southern border just a few weeks ago. The Houston Chronicle finds that many of its stories containing quotes from voters were fabricated. And now we have the infamous "chop" from CNN's Jim Acosta that brings about questions of a potentially-doctored video that was shared by Press Secretary Sanders. Fake News is most powerful when it comes from those we know and trust.

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